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Complete Management Solution

Aero Completion Management Inc. services and expertise provide Customers with the confidence of making the right choices for their Operation and Principal needs right from the beginning.

Our services enable your aviation department to focus on existing day-to-day responsibilities while remaining completely informed of your airplane’s daily progress through direct communication and personalized reporting. Aero Completion Management Inc. services are supported with professional planning and eye for detail, eliminating the requests for change and price adjustments, avoidable risks, and reducing rework and recovery plans. We work with the manufacturers to ensure aircraft are ready per contractual delivery with minimal IOU’s. Interior completions managed by AERO also experience less quality in-service irritants and related downtime. Weekly and Monthly specific e-reporting allow Customers to track the progress of their completion on a regular basis.

Our core business services include:

Contract and Purchase Agreement review


Prior to signature of any Contract we highly recommend an external professional with the experience of multiple aircraft type and specific to the aircraft being purchased review and provide input. Our Clients need to be aware of the current trends and forecasts given the length of time from consideration to completion. Aero Completion Management Inc. will review Contracts and Purchase Agreements, highlighting key points and adding recommendations for review to best position our Clients.

Executive Summary development


Aero Completion Management Inc. expertise in development of the Executive Summary ensures the basic aircraft summary captures the essential needs of our Clients. As with any industry, packages do not always suit each end user. We review the essentials and apply high capture items as necessary.

Option guidance and review


Providing review of available options and recommendations for the definition of the scope of work; identifying what may be required and what is a "nice to have". Once the basic layout is defined, it is time to add in the specific features that personalize an aircraft, while including specific operational requirements and relative regulatory requirements. We monitor the cost implications and relative weight impacts of each additional option.

Specification development and review


Once the Executive Summary and Options are defined, the aircraft Specification is built using all communication and discussion records captured and approved for the build contract. AERO will review in detail to ensure all commitments are in writing and as agreed.

Floor plan identification and review


The Floor plan is the conceptual drawing of the Executive Summary and Specification. AERO will assist to develop and review Customer ideal floor plans to select the ultimate plan to meet their specific needs, maintain practicality, access for mechanics, and re-sale considerations. We aim to provide feedback on what may work best.

Project Management


Project Management is the key to ensure the Customer can continue with their business function without day to day involvement in the build of their aircraft. We maintain the aircraft is a tool for our Customers and not the job of our Customers. The aircraft is our job.

Project Management is heavily involved in the daily interaction at the Manufacturer or Refurbishment facility on behalf of our Customers. We serve as the point of contact and communication. Project Management captures all build and status information and transmits via our reports process. Any input or intervention required by the Customer is advised immediately or as appropriate.

Technical review and acceptance


Our Technical review and acceptance is the key to repeat business, providing the highest quality review and attention to detail aiming to exceed the expectations of our Customers. Our reviews are extremely thorough, and follow the entire build of the aircraft Interior and Exterior. We schedule progressive inspections throughout each project to reduce potential rework and schedule impacts at Delivery or return to service.

Relationship building and support networking for in-Service


Our job is not done at Delivery, we continue to build relationships with and for our Customers with our network of Suppliers and contacts within the aviation community.