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• Who is Aero Completion Management Inc.?

Aero Completion Management Inc. is a company with high attention to detail and the objective to ensure premium quality and reliability for our VIP and Corporate clientele. Founded by Gabor “Gabi” Hasko (President), with over 17 years of aviation support and Completions representation from a leading aircraft manufacturer and Build to In-service consulting firm, we specialize in corporate and private short to long range aircraft. Adding the experience of over 10 years in premium construction and renovation projects, we also oversee related special projects assigned by our corporate and private business Owner and Operator Clients.

• What is Aero Completion Management Inc.?

Aero Completion Management Inc. is a Customer Representative and Project Management company specializing in and catering to corporate and private aircraft owners and operators.

• Where is Aero Completion Management Inc.?

Aero Completion Management Inc. is based in Montreal, Canada, however, the nature of our business allows us to be flexible and easily mobile.

• Why Aero Completion Management Inc.?

Aero Completion Management Inc. has developed and continues to build strong professional relationships with OEMs, Service and Retrofit Facilities and Customers, working as a team to enhance and focus on quality and timely results. Our disciplined inspections, reporting and timely communication is a more efficient and cost effective solution for our Clients. Far more valuable than placing key personnel required for flight departments on-site for extended periods of time or at impractical times, which may not coincide with key milestones or review dates. Key factors:

  • Flexible on-site representation.
  • Familiarity with product and processes to quickly and effectively resolve issues.
  • Tracking work scopes through proven inspection and review processes.
  • Comprehensive status report updates, allowing our Customers to regularly review progress and make informed decisions when necessary from afar.
  • Pro-active approach; identifying and communicating risks promptly, reducing unnecessary issues, delays and in-service downtime.

• How to contact Aero Completion Management Inc.?

We are pleased respond to your inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact directly: